Rough Guacamole

Avocados are very nutritious, and particularly good for you if you're trying to lower your cholesterol. They taste great on their own, sliced with tomato and red onion salads; they're delicious on a slice of homemade brown bread, toasted, with a drizzle of olive oil; but they're especially good in a creamy guacamole. This version is pretty rough and ready, but is quick to make and perfect for eating with flatbread, beans and salad - or maybe on the side with a steak...


  • 2 Avocado (ripe)
  • 1 small Red Onion
  • 1 Red Chilli
  • 1 small stick Celery
  • Black Pepper (maybe Salt)
  • Lime
  • Coriander (or Mint)

Wash and finely slice the stick of Celery, the Red Chilli

Peel and finely dice the Red Onion

Just before you want to eat, halve the ripe Avocados and remove the flesh from the skins

[You can do this earlier, but the fresher the better - and Avocado can turn slightly brown if not covered in Lemon or Lime juice]

Roughly mash / chop the Avocado and then add all the ingredients to a bowl to gently mix

Squeeze lots of Lime juice into the mix, and some Black Pepper (a tiny pinch of Salt too, if you like).  Some chopped Coriander is delicious with this (or some Mint or Parsley works)

Serve immediately with some lovely wholemeal flatbread, or on the side with a steak or a burger (and a big squirt of chilli sauce)

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