About Essex Girl Cooks Healthy

All these recipes have been cooked and photographed at home.  They’ve been written with feeding two people in mind, often with substantial leftovers for the next day (but not always).

When cooking, you can generally add a bit more or a bit less of most ingredients used in these recipes.  Use what you think is sensible and what suits you.  This is less true with baking recipes which are more precise.

Some recipes are original; some are (adapted, in some cases) from cookery books or food authors; in which case the author / book will come recommended.

I started this website because my husband had a blood test that showed very high cholesterol (of the ‘put you on statins’ type). I looked online for advice about eating more healthily and lowering cholesterol naturally, without drugs – and found the healthy eating scene online (and in reality) to be very depressing, confusing and often trying to sell you stuff…

I decided to try and get both of us healthy and to write about the food we were cooking.  As well as starting a daily regime of exercise, we started to eat much more healthily, eradicating all processed foods from our diet, also butter, cream and cheese.  We still cook with milk and yoghurt as I think dairy is important as part of a sensible diet. We started eating less meat; and eating much more of all the things you’re supposed to – fish, beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil etc.  As part of this ‘healthy’ experiment, I also started baking our own bread.

Hopefully the recipes here, in addition to your own particular brand of cavorting around regularly to get fit, will make people feel less miserable and much more excited about the concept of getting healthy…

Happy Healthy Cooking, in Essex or anywhere else!