Cucumber with Capers & Peppers

Sometimes you don't need a big salad; just a small one to brighten up a big plate of pasta or pizza and to offer a little piquancy to your plate. And this is that salad... It goes with nearly everything; tastes fresh, crunchy and is delicious every time.


  • Cucumber
  • Capers (in a jar)
  • Red Pepper (fresh or in a jar)
  • Lemon or Lime
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Rape Seed Oil or Olive Oil (optional)

Wash and finely slice the Cucumber

Drain the Capers (if in a jar in liquid.. if they’re salted then rinse and dry them)

Finely dice some cooked Red Pepper.  I used Peppers from a jar; you could cook them at 190˚c for 20-30 mins with a little Oil and let them cool down before dicing

Arrange artfully in a bowl per person, or on a serving plate

Dress with a squeeze of Lemon (or Lime depending on what you’re eating) and a crunch of Salt & Pepper.  A tiny drizzle of Oil might be good but isn’t at all necessary

Is excellent served with a simple Risotto, on the side with some Alfredo Pizzas or as part of a mezze with Falafel and Flatbread

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