Green Bean & Cucumber Salad

This salad is fresh and light - is a great way to eat French Green Beans - and is the perfect partner to some roasted and spiced chicken, or some simply grilled fish. Is super easy to make and inevitably low in cholesterol.


  • Watercress (or Salad Leaves)
  • Cucumber
  • Small White Onion
  • Dill or Mint or Parsley or Chives

Wash the Watercress or Salad – and lay it out on a plate

Finely slice the Cucumber and Onion

Finely slice the Green Beans too

Place the slices of Cucumber around the salad and scatter the Onion and Green Beans over the salad

Dress simply with a squeeze of Lime or Lemon and a drizzle of Rape Seed Oil – maybe some Black Pepper?

Piquante Peppers (homegrown or from a jar) would also be delicious chopped and sprinkled over the salad with some fresh herbs

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