Red Pepper Stew

This delicious Red Pepper Stew is wholeheartedly good for you and definitely on the right side of anyone's cholesterol levels.... It is hearty enough to eat on its own - but with a piece of grilled fish and a big handful of spinach this recipe makes for a legendary supper.


  • 2 Large Onion
  • 2 or 3 Red Peppers
  • Bay Leaf or 2
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Chilli (optional)
  • 3 Cloves Garlic
  • Tomato Puree
  • White Wine (optional)
  • Stock

Finely slice your Red Peppers and your Onions.  Use more than you think you’ll need because they definitely shrink down a lot once they are cooked

Gently fry the Peppers and Onions in a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil – use a little Salt.  Keep stirring so they don’t colour too much – you want them really soft and sweet before you add some crushed or chopped Garlic and Fresh Red Chilli – however much you fancy.  Stir as they cook a little… Then add a really good pinch or two of Smoked Paprika and give it a moment or two before you stir in a good squeeze of Tomato Puree.  Again, stir for a few minutes as the Tomato Puree cooks through a little… you want plenty of flavour to get sealed in before you add liquid to this

If you wanted to add a dash of White Wine now, you could; just cook off the alcohol before you move on to adding Stock….

Now add the Stock.  Use a couple of mugs per person or a bit more (the stock doesn’t need to be too strong – just a small amount of Veg Bouillon or Stock will work here – you don’t want it too salty)

Give the stew 20 mins or so with a lid on over a low heat – it needs some time to get the flavours going, but it could have less!  When the time is up you’ll know from the consistency whether you want to cook off a little liquid before serving, or whether you want to add a little more water to thin it down.  Taste and Season….

This is good thick like a stew as a main course, or a side dish with grilled fish.  It is also good soupier with more liquid and croutons or crusty bread (more broth like?!)

However you serve this – chopped fresh herbs over the top always work – parsley, basil, dill etc.  A dollop of homemade mayo or greek yoghurt are also delicious…

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