Lollo Rosso Salad

Easy to prepare, and very healthy; this Lollo Rosso salad is a real looker with its dark outer leaves and its bright green centre. It is also deliciously crunchy and fresh... a great friend to almost any meal, but with burgers or pizza in particular, this salad is definitely a winner!


  • Lollo Rosso Lettuce (or any other!)
  • Red Onion
  • Red Pepper
  • Cherry Tomato (to garnish)
  • Parsley

Wash the Lollo Rosso Lettuce

Wash and dice / chop the Red Pepper

Dice the Red Onion too

Chop up the Parsley

Lay the Lettuce leaves out on a plate, and cover with chopped Red Pepper and Red Onion

Top with the halved Cherry Tomatoes and some fresh chopped Parsley

A ranch dressing with this would be delicious – otherwise any dressing or drizzle would work!  A little Lemon Juice and some Rape Seed Oil would be perfect…

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