Little Gem & Tomato

The brilliant thing about simple stuff is that sometimes it's actually the best stuff.... This is barely hitting the bar of an actual 'recipe' - but it does look great, and would make an excellently easy side dish if you're cooking for lots of people!


  • Little Gem Lettuce
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Vine Tomatoes (or any Tomatoes!)
  • Mint
  • Rape Seed Oil
  • Lemon or Lime

Wash the Little Gem Lettuce and gently dry the leaves

Halve the Tomatoes – using a variety makes everything a bit more interesting, but you could use any kind and any colour of Tomatoes; also any combination!

Chop up the Mint

Arrange each serving on a smaller plate with a few leaves of Lettuce and some Tomato halves

Sprinkle the Mint over the Salad

Drizzle lightly with Rape Seed Oil and a little squirt of fresh Lemon or Lime Juice

Great on the side with a Chilli, or with a BBQ, or a Bean Crock Pot or Casserole…

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