BBQ Asparagus

It is cheeky even calling this a recipe, I know, but asparagus on its own is nearly a meal... It is super good for you, and surprisingly substantial; especially good with flatbread and some great dressing or mayonnaise (or 0% Greek Yoghurt!). It is also in season for short periods of time in the UK, and buying it from all over the world the rest of the year round just doesn't seem right.


  • Asparagus
  • Dressing OR
  • 0% Greek Yoghurt OR
  • Squeeze of Lemon Juice

Wash your asparagus and give it a bend to see where to snap the end off (the stalk will tell you; it will snap easily where it wants to when you bend it!)

Pop them on a barbeque or in a dry pan on the hob (or a griddle pan if you have one)

Give them only a couple of minutes on each side before you pile them on a plate and time them going missing!  Even just a squeeze of lemon juice is good

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