Seabass with Tahini Sauce

Over the years I have seen Tahini sauce all over the place in recipe books and restaurants, but have never tried it at home (it seemed like you were supposed to know what you were doing with it?!). Since actually buying some Light Tahini and making a couple of yoghurt style sauces with it, I am a complete convert. It goes with vegetables, fish, chicken, flatbread, salads - really all sorts of dishes. It is also a great alternative to mayonnaise and (much more importantly) Tahini actually works to reduce cholesterol levels, is cholesterol free itself, and only contains good fats. What gets better than that when it tastes good too?!


  • Seabass
  • Light Tahini
  • 2 Cloves Garlic
  • Lemon/s
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Mint

For the Seabass, get your fishmonger to gut the fish for you…

Slice a lemon and wedge 2 or 3 slices inside the fish before putting it on the barbeque

5 or 6 minutes on each side should be OK – but you can tell when it is cooked when the fish is starting to flake slightly – should still be a little moist in the middle

Tahini Sauce is delicious – and you’ll see when you use tahini the first time that you can play around with the combinations to create more or less tahini-like sauces….

For example… Sometimes a thinner sauce works well – other times a much thicker version; sometimes a more lemon-ey version suits a meal – other times a garlicky flavoured sauce goes better with something.  Experiment to see what you prefer – but this version is quite yoghurt-ey and features a good squirt of lemon juice so it goes with the fish.  When you buy Tahini, get the lighter version (without the husks of sesame seeds) – the heavier one is just that, and nowhere near as nice

In a bowl big enough to whisk in – add 3 tbsp Light Tahini, a really good drizzle of Olive Oil, the juice  of 1 or 2 Lemons, 2 Garlic Cloves (already squashed up and smooth), 2 tbsp of cold water and some salt & pepper.  Whisk it all up

Taste – and see what you need more of…. it might need some extra lemon, or a little more water if you want a thinner sauce

Once you are happy, pour or spoon it into a serving dish and sprinkle with mint (or other herbs)

The Seabass and Tahini Sauce combination is brilliant with any kind of Pilav (Curly Kale one is particularly nice with fish) – also with a simple salad

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