BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Having come over all 'Pitt Cue' in terms of BBQing, I have to admit that in reality I fall a long way short of those boys and their smokin' techniques... Because they definitely seem to do an awful lot of smoking, and of the variety that involves 12 or 13 hour sessions with a BBQ. They use expressions like 'the basic set up' in relation to a barbeque, and this (along with the 12 hour thing) leaves me with the distinct impression that I am a bit of a barbeque-ing wimp. Although, who does actually have time for 12 hour barbeques, really?! On reflection, I am happy to admit my reticence to attempt 12 hour smoking in favour of these (much quicker to barbeque and) very delicious chicken sandwiches. They involved a very tasty free-range chicken, Pitt Cue Co's own House Rub and some healthy wholemeal brioche-style buns; oh, and and a BBQ (minus the smoke). They were delicious, and comparatively quick to make!


  • Burger Buns
  • Free Range Chicken
  • Pitt Cue House Rub
  • Lettuce
  • Pitt Cue Pickled Watermelon
  • Chipotle Ketchup
  • French’s Mustard

I made Wholemeal Burger Baps earlier in the day…

For the Free Range Chicken… Joint the Chicken first, as is much easier and quicker to cook on the BBQ.  Four or eight pieces of Chicken works…

Rub 3 tablespoons of Pitt Cue House Rub (or a Rub you like?!) into the Chicken pieces (maybe with a couple of squirts).  Leave to marinade for as long as you have (a day would be perfect – an hour would do!)

BBQ the Chicken at will – until you are confident the Chicken is properly cooked.  Rest for 20 mins or so once it is done – it will be much juicier, and more tender…

In the meantime, wash some Lettuce leaves (whole) and slice some Cucumber (or Tomato, or Onion etc)

When you’re ready to eat, cut open your Wholemeal Burger Baps (leaving the hinge in place, as it were) and fill with the BBQ’d Chicken, Cucumber, Pickles and some Ketchup and Mustard (probably French’s)


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