Roast Beef (& Gravy)

Beef isn't necessarily the leanest of meats, but if you roast really good quality cuts, it is possible to make sure you carve pretty lean and healthy slices that don't contain too much cholesterol or fat; and remember that some fat is important diet wise... From well reared, well looked after quality meat I would guess that it's even quite good for you in very small and occasional portions. Cold Roast Beef goes brilliantly with mustard in a sandwich, with orzotto as a side dish, with celeriac remoulade, with poached vegetables and liquor... the low cholesterol recipe list is endless!


  • Beef
  • Mustard Powder & Flour (optional)
  • Wine or Masala (for gravy)
  • Onions (for gravy)

She is clearly a genius, and I learnt a lot about roasting times from her Complete Cookery Course…

Delia’s timings for Roast Beef are:

20 mins at 245˚c and then 15 mins per 450g at 175˚c

[Before roasting, Delia also suggests you roll the joint in Plain Flour mixed with Mustard Powder...]

After cooking, rest your joint for at least 20 mins before serving

[The joint in the photo only had about 50 mins in the oven]

Is best served with gravy, roast potatoes and steamed veg

To make GRAVY, pour away any fat from the roasting pan, add any meat juices left from it resting and sprinkle a teaspoon or 2 of Plain Flour into the dish before putting onto a gentle heat with some finely sliced onions and a tiny squirt of Olive Oil.  Stirring to ensure all the flour has been soaked up – give the Onions a minute before sloshing in some alcohol.  Red Wine or White Wine or Marsala would all work here – when the alcohol has cooked off you can add a dash of water – and a squeeze of Lemon Juice – and then taste before seasoning.  This won’t make gallons of gravy, but your sauce will be beefy and winey and very delicious!

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