Proper Bolognese Sauce

This is absolutely the best bolognese sauce ever. Takes forever, but you don't actually have to do anything, it just sits on the hob, quietly doing its thing. Is particularly great because you can use a very small amount of beef to cook for large numbers of people (and brilliant for reducing cholesterol while still enjoying meat every so often!) Once the sauce is mixed through pasta it is so delicious that this recipe would easily serve 4. You definitely don't need cheese to love this pasta sauce!


  • 150g Best Stewing Beef
  • 1 large ish Onion
  • 2 or 3 Cloves Garlic
  • Glass White Wine
  • Tomato Puree
  • Tin Tomatoes
  • Water
  • Salt & Pepper

Buy Best Diced Beef Steak if you can – but as good a Stewing Steak as you can get!

Chop up an onion and fry gently in some Olive Oil for 10 – 15 mins – add a little Salt

Add 2 crushed Cloves Garlic and gently cook for a minute before adding the Diced Beef and browning for 5 or 10 mins.  Stir often – but you do want to get some colour on the meat…

Once the Beef is brown, slosh in a glass of White Wine (Red would work) and let it cook down until there isn’t much liquid left.  Add a teaspoon of Tomato Puree, a Tin of Tomatoes, a can or 2 of water and lots of Black Pepper

Leave to cook over a very very low heat for 3 hours (you could probably put it in the oven too?  150˚c or so I imagine).

Stir your Bolognese Sauce during the 3 hours – and also add more water if you need.  At the end you can cook it down so the sauce is thick and gloopy, but don’t let it dry out too much during the main cooking time

When the sauce is ready you will hardly be able to resist it – and you’ll see that the Beef is literally falling apart – you shouldn’t see any bit bits!

Serve gently mixed into freshly boiled Pasta – is delicious and great served with a simple green salad

You can let this cool and use it the next day – it kind of gets better

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