Tomato & Greek Yoghurt Pizza

This is a really great pizza... it is light, but still very tasty, and makes a great change from more traditional tomato sauces and toppings. It is also incredibly quick to prepare, and just the thing for long summer evenings. And that's without starting to go on about how healthy and low cholesterol the recipe is... Enjoy with a crisp green salad and a nice, cool drink.


  • 250g Strong White Bread Flour
  • 5g Salt
  • Sachet Easy Yeast – or 1 tsp
  • 175ml Warm Water
  • Drizzle Olive Oil


  • Fresh Tomato
  • Red Onion
  • 0% fat Greek Yoghurt
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Anchovies
  • Black Pepper

This recipe makes 3 pizzas – for 2 people… – a pizza each and either seconds, or next day leftovers (because this is delicious cold too)

Make the Pizza base by mixing together all the dough ingredients and kneading for 5 – 10 minutes

Leave to rise in a bowl for 1 hour – covered with a clean tea towel, somewhere warm

Knock back into shape and leave half an hour or so to rise again

Pre-heat the oven to 220˚c

To prepare the Pizzas (this recipe makes 3 – to serve 2 people really) – roll out the dough in three pieces.  You’re after quite thin Bases so they go crispy – but be careful not to get holes in them as you’re rolling

Lay each Pizza Base on a baking tray sprinkled with a little Flour

Spoon a little Greek Yoghurt onto the Pizza Base (not too much).  Spread it gently so that most of the pizza is covered with a little (maybe 1 tablespoon per pizza?  Maybe a little less)

On top of the Yoghurt – add some chopped Tomato, some sliced Red Onion, an Anchovy or two and some Black Pepper

Just before putting into the oven, drizzle with Olive Oil.  Bake for 11 minutes or until crispy and delicious looking

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