Lobster at Home

I'd always really wanted to cook lobster Annie Hall style - although to be frank, when we did this the first time at home, I was a bit scared... When we buy them, they're live; we put them in a cool box with ice to take them home and keep them frozen. This doesn't stop them looking slightly menacing as you put them in the pan, but when they're done they are way better than lobster I've eaten in pricey restaurants that should know better. We don't serve this with butter or oil, just on its own...


  • Lobster
  • Salt

We get our lobsters from the famous Company Shed in Mersea…

Bring a pan of water to the boil with tons of salt – as salty as seawater is what you’re after.

When the water is boiling really fast – pop the lobster in the pan head first.

As per Jamie’s Naked Chef, cook for 3 mins per 455g ish – they turn an incredible pink instantly in the pan…

Once you’ve taken them out of the water and rested them for 5 or 10 minutes, we cut off the claws, and then take of the head where it joins the body.  I’m not sure you’re really supposed to do this, but with the head removed like this, when you then cut the lobster in half along its length, all the horrid stuff inside the lobster’s stomach is already gone (much cleaner and simpler like this).

Serve with lemons, salad and something like saute potatoes…  Homemade mayonnaise is good with lobster – so is 0% Greek Yoghurt with crushed garlic and lemon juice if you want lower cholesterol.

PS Leave the rubber bands on the lobster until they are cooked – they have a nasty pinch.


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