Slightly Wholemeal Burger Buns

When I say 'buns', I really mean 'buns'... as in brioch-ey, squashy and delicious burger buns - perfect for the best summer BBQ sandwiches. The wholegrain element of these buns actually adds to the flavour, and definitely renders them much healthier than white ones. If they ever last long enough, these rolls also make brilliant croutons; torn up and slightly roasted with some salt and a little bit of olive oil.


  • 300g Wholemeal Strong Bread Flour
  • 200g White Strong Bread Flour
  • 1 sachet of Yeast
  • 340ml Warm Water & Milk mix
  • 10ml Rape Seed Oil
  • 1 Free Range Egg (beaten)
  • 1.5 tsp Sugar
  • 10g Salt

Put all the ingredients in a bowl… Use a mix of Water and Milk, half and half or more of one than another… but definitely very warm!  Reserve a little of the beaten Egg if you remember (for glazing later)

Mix all the ingredients together and then knead the Dough for 10 to 15 minutes

At the beginning it will be a bit wet and squidgy – but towards the end of 10 or 15 minutes you’ll feel the Dough coming together, even if it is still quite squashy

Cover the ball of Dough in a little Flour, and leave to rise in a bowl for an hour or so, somewhere warm and covered with a clean tea towel

After this time, knock the Dough back into shape, and roll into 10 balls (or Rolls!)

Place each one on a baking tray, lined with some greaseproof paper, sprinkled with a little Flour

Leave to rise for another hour

Brush with the reserved beaten Egg – or with some Milk mixed with a little Sugar?!

When they have doubled in size (ish) – bake them for 15 minutes or until golden brown

Leave on a rack to cool a little before serving them…

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