Simple Tortilla

These aren't totally authentic tortilla (they aren't made with special maize flour) but they are really delicious and tasty, and tortilla in style nevertheless. Best of all, they're super healthy. Make them just before you eat, keeping them warm in the oven before piling them up with spicy beans and salad, and rolling up into a brilliantly portable wrap. I say portable, but you'll have a very captive audience at the dinner table with these, they're too good to miss.


  • 250g Strong White Bread Flour
  • 3 or 4 g Salt
  • 5g Yeast
  • 25ml Rape Seed Oil
  •  150ml Hot Water

Add the Salt to a large bowl; followed by the 250g White Flour, then the 25ml Rape Seed Oil and the 5g Yeast.  Pour the 150 ml (hand hot) Water over over the ingredients, and stir into a ball of Dough.  If it is too wet, add just a touch of extra Flour (not too much!)

Knead for a couple of minutes, dust the ball of dough with Flour and pop in a bowl for half an hour to an hour, covered with a clean tea towel

Once the Dough has had the time to rise a little (but not too much), knock back into shape and divide into around 8 – 10 small pieces

Using lots of Flour, roll each one out as flat as you can (a couple of millimetres thick is what you’re after)

Slightly grease a large frying pan with Olive Oil (use kitchen paper to make sure there isn’t too much oil in the pan, you really only want a bit)

Heat the pan and when hot, add the Tortilla one at a time.  When they start to bubble up a bit, and get some dark spots on one side, flip them over.  I’d give them 2 – 4 minutes on each side before taking them out of the pan

Keep the cooked Tortilla warm, wrapped in foil and in the oven at 100˚c or so until you want to eat (they’re definitely best warm!)

Serve them with all sorts of things… salsa, spicy beans; a tomato salad; a mixed salad; some falafel, spicy chicken, meatballs, fish balls

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