Simple Tomato, Mint & Lime Salad

Maybe I am becoming very lazy - but my favourite salads at the moment have been very simple... and this one might be the simplest and easiest of all. Tomatoes and mint are a great combination, and go kind of Mexican-esque when you serve them with lime and chilli. This salad 'assembly' goes particularly well with spicy food, including chilli, meatballs and anything with beans and flatbread! As well as tasting really fresh and delicious; these tomatoes and mint leaves are also cheerfully healthy.


  • Tomatoes (mixed, any kind!)
  • Fresh Mint
  • Fresh Lime
  • Fresh Red Chilli

Wash the Tomatoes, but leave whole

Take the Mint off the stalks, and wash the leaves.  Carefully dry them on kitchen paper

Serve the Tomatoes and Mint with some fresh Red Chilli and Lime… however you fancy it

Let everyone help themselves

This is a great (and very simple) salad to have with Falafel and Flatbread, or on the side with some Meatballs or some Chilli…

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