Sauté Potatoes

Pretty low in cholesterol, and just brushed very lightly with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - these 'Sauté Potatoes' are much healthier than they look and actually haven't been near a frying pan. This dish is a really easy low fat recipe idea - and these potatoes would be delicious with all sorts of main courses, especially a herby marinated chicken...


  • Potatoes
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dried Thyme & Oregano
  • Salt

Scrub the Potatoes

Don’t peel them – just slice into less than 1cm slices

Lay the Potato slices out on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper – don’t pile the potatoes up, keep them in a single layer (they won’t crisp up otherwise)

Lightly brush the Potatoes with some Olive Oil (maybe use a teaspoon for all the potatoes?!)

Sprinkle some Salt and dried Herbs over the Potatoes

Roast at 200˚c until really ‘sautéed’ looking!  Maybe 30 mins?

Serve immediately – with fish, chicken or salads

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