Roasted Yellow Beet

Beetroot is unbelievably good for you, full of brilliant antioxidants and nutrients, and rumoured to be good for your cardivascular health in particular... Either way, eating lots of vegetables is undoubtedly the way forward in terms of the pursuit of a healthy and low cholesterol lifestyle; and thus these yellow beauties appealed on nutritious grounds as much as they do on taste. They actually taste best with little done to them. Simply roasted and dressed with a touch of vinegar, these yellow beet are perfect served with some grilled white fish, or with some falafel and flatbread... Maybe a little fat free yoghurt and parsley?!


  • Yellow Beet
  • Cider Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Parsley
  • Olive Oil

These delicious Yellow Beetroot were something really special – but you could cook any variety or colour of Beet in exactly this way…

Scrub the Beetroot carefully and cut off the root and tip (use the leaves in salad if they’re in a good state…)

Parcel them carefully in foil and before sealing them up, sprinkle with a little Salt and a couple of spoonfuls of Cider Vinegar (White Wine Vinegar would do too, and Red Wine Vinegar is good with Purple Beet).  Make sure no steam can escape from your foil parcel before you bake them for an hour to an hour and a half at 200˚c

Unwrap at this point, and let them cool down before slicing carefully (you could peel them first, but I think a lot of goodness lurks in the skin, and it wasn’t thick at all on these Beetroot)

Dress simply – maybe just a little extra Vinegar, maybe some Parsley and a little spoonful of zero fat yoghurt… Gilled fish would be good with this – or you could serve it with sliced Cucumber, some Mint and some Falafel with Flatbread…

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