Quick Haricot Beans

Beans never cease to amaze me in terms of how delicious they are and how easy they are to cook. I know that lots of cooks and chefs would think I was a heathen for using tinned beans - but let's be honest, the soaking overnight thing is thoroughly impractical and involves way too much advance-planning for my liking. Tinned beans, on the other hand, are super practical - and can make a tasty supper at a heartbeat's notice. And with a little love (and garlic), these quick haricot beans are a great meal on their own, or a tasty side dish for stuff like chicken or flatbread.


  • Tin of Haricot Beans
  • Half an Onion (or a small one)
  • Red Pepper
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Chilli Powder
  • Marjoram

Slice the half an Onion

Slice the Red Pepper (use as much as you fancy, maybe a half, maybe a whole one?!)

Chop or crush one or two cloves of Garlic

Drain the tinned Haricot Beans

Heat a pan with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Add the Onions and the Peppers and fry them on a high heat for a few minutes

When they have caught a little bit of colour, and are starting to go soft and sweet – add the Garlic and stir for a moment

Now add the drained Haricot Beans and cook without stirring too much for a few minutes

Season with Salt & Pepper – also a pinch of Smoked Paprika (or just Paprika) and / or Chilli Powder

Put onto a serving plate or bowl, and immediately squeeze a good amount of Lemon Juice over all the Beans (alternatively a couple of teaspoons of Red Wine Vinegar instead of the Lemon?!)

I added a few Marjoram leaves, but this is entirely optional (Chives or Parsley would be good too)

Enjoy these healthy Haricots on their own with some 0% Greek Yoghurt and Greens… or with Flatbread and some Beetroot?  They are also a great BBQ side dish

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