Parsley, Chilli & Garlic Sauce

Parsley is a brilliant herb, and much easier to keep alive than lots of others (it just keeps coming back). Together with garlic, chilli and anchovies - this sauce is perfect for pasta (you can add some kale or broccoli at the last moment) and also works really well with steamed vegetables. Pretty saintly in terms of not much saturated fat, but tastes much more decadent...


  • 4 Cloves Garlic
  • 1 Red Chilli
  • Large handful Parsley
  • Couple of Anchovies
  • Splosh of White Wine (optional!)

Chop up your garlic, chilli and parsley

Heat a pan with some olive oil and add the garlic, chilli and a couple of anchovies

When the anchovies have melted, and the garlic is looking a bit golden (definitely not burned though!), add a splosh of wine and simmer for a couple of moments

Once the alcohol has cooked off, add your parsley and drizzle over your pasta or vegetables

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