Mushroom Pasta

This Mushroom Pasta sauce is genius - tastes great, but literally takes less time to make the sauce than it does to cook the pasta.


  • Mushrooms
  • Pasta
  • Fresh Red Chilli
  • 4 Cloves Garlic
  • Parsley and/or Basil
  • White Wine
  • Breadcrumbs

[From the Greedy Italians cook book]

Heat the water for the Pasta – add lots of Salt and a good drizzle Olive Oil – cook the Pasta as instructed on the packet

Making the sauce takes maybe 8 or 10 minutes; which should be a similar time to cooking Pasta…

Slice the Mushrooms; chop the Chilli and the Garlic

Heat a pan with some Olive Oil

When the pan is hot – add the chopped Garlic and Chilli for a few minutes – stirring

Then add the Mushrooms and fry them for a bit – maybe 5 minutes or so

Splosh in half a glass of White Wine (or a bit more!) and let the alchohol evaporate a bit

Season with lots of Black Pepper

Reserve a jug of cooking water – and when the Pasta is cooked – drain and return to the pan.  Cover the Pasta with the Mushroom sauce and a dash of the cooking water (a lot of this will soak up into the Pasta – you’ll be surprised how good the sauce is when you add this water, even half a cup of it).  Season again with Black Pepper and throw in a handful of Breadcrumbs (makes the sauce even creamier)

Throw the chopped Parsley and Basil in just before eating, and serve with a good salad – no Parmesan required for low cholesterol eating!

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