Loving Strawberries

In fact - I'm not just loving Strawberries right now - but loving all fruits that contain the brilliant bright red colour that is Lycopene in stuff. Depending on how much you read and how much you believe (!), Lycopene is rumoured to be super good for you and to potentially reduce the risk of certain cancers. Positive health side effects aside, these Strawberries were exceedingly delicious with a slice of Chocolate Cake!

Getting Fruity & Healthy at the same time…

All these foods are naturally very high in lycopene:

Strawberries – Tomatoes – Watermelon – Guava – Grapefruit – Dried Parsley – Dried Basil – Asparagus – Chilli Powder – Red Cabbage – Apricots

Lycopene might be a particularly useful addition to your diet if you have high cholesterol – it helps prevent the oxidation of cholesterol which, apparently, is a really good thing.

If you eat too much – you can go a bit pink (!) – but a moderate amount of these brilliantly red (ish) foods go a long way…

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