Leafy Avocado Salad

This is definitely a slightly lazy salad... more a spread of salad leaves and other items than an actual salad recipe as such. Nevertheless - it is a delicious and leafy invention of sorts, and is particularly healthy and good for you on account of the avocado, which is excellent for combatting cholesterol. This free-style, non-chopped salad is a deliciously quick and easy thing to serve on the side with pizzas or pasta - also with mezze, stuffed into flatbread with other delicious bits and pieces...


  • Lettuce Leaves
  • Lime & Tomato Salsa (or similar)
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Broad Bean Leaves
  • Lime (or Lemon)
  • Rape Seed Oil
  • Chopped Herbs (Parsley & Mint)

Wash the Lettuce leaves and dry gently with some kitchen roll, leaving them whole

Wash the Broad Bean leaves gently too… You could easily use another kind of herby leaf here; Rocket or Watercress would work well

Wash the Cherry Tomatoes and leave them whole

Wash the Cucumber and slice

Halve the Lime (or Lemon)

Just before serving, halve or quarter the Avocado (it will go a bit brown if you cut it and leave it out too early… unless you squeeze Lemon Juice all over it)

Arrange all the bits and pieces on a large plate or platter, with some of the Salsa spooned over the Lettuce (or some chopped Red Pepper and/or Red Onion).  Serve a little jug of Rape Seed Oil alongside the wedges of Citrus (by way of dressing…)

Let people help themselves to whatever they fancy.  This is a brilliant and healthy salad dish for eating with flatbread and tahini sauce etc – also on the side with BBQ’d meats and some Brown Bread Rolls.  Another excellent dish to enjoy with this salad would be Ottolenghi’s Meatballs

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