Focaccia Bread

This Focaccia bread tastes very decadent, but is in fact surprisingly healthy on account of all the Extra Virgin Olive Oil used in Locatelli's recipe. It's really delicious with some freshly made tomato sauce and a salad... but is also good on the side with something like a borlotti bean stew, or with some grilled steak or chicken?! Maybe this Focaccia loaf is best on its own, with some extra olive oil for dunking - and a very large glass of Italian red wine....


  • 45g Water
  • 45g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 12.5g Maldon Salt


  • 500g Strong White Bread Flour
  • 1 sachet Yeast
  • 225g Water at 20˚c (or near!)
  • Olive Oil (2 Tbsp plus extra for oiling tray)
  • 10g Salt


Whist the Salamoia ingredients together and set aside

Preheat oven to 220˚c

Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl, and rest, covered with a cloth for 10 minutes

Oil a baking tray and put the dough on it.  Cover the dough with a bit of olive oil (spray it if you have a spray for olive oil?!).  Leave for another 10 minutes

Using a rolling pin- roll once upwards (firmly but not too hard) and once downwards to flatten the ‘loaf’ – leave for 20 minutes this time

Make dimples in the now risen dough (it should have doubled in size). Whisk the Salamoia again and pour it over the dimples – leave for 20 minutes

Push Rosemary or Olives into the dimples of the loaf, and cook for 25 – 35 minutes or until golden.  Cool on a rack before really enjoying this delicious bread!

This lovely recipe is Locatelli’s… from his book Made in Italy.  I am not sure he would approve that I have reduced the salt in his recipe by half – as his was indeed very salty – but he would definitely approve of how much we love his bread recipe, apparently courtesy of Federico Turri! 

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