Frying Flounder

At our fishmongers - flounder is as cheap as chips. Actually, probably cheaper. Three fish cost £2.26 - and it was a very delicious supper.


  • Flounder
  • Plain Flour
  • Salt & Pepper

Ask your fishmonger to just take the flounder heads off and to trim their fins (this isn’t so tricky to do at home with hefty scissors or a sharp knife)

Put some plain flour and some salt and pepper on a plate, and gently flour your fish before putting them in a hot pan with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fry them for a few minutes (3 – 5) before turning them – and don’t shake the pan around; you are looking to get a good crust on each side

Give them the same on the other side before serving quickly with a big slice of lemon.

Chippy-style chips are clearly off the menu, but roasted potatoes (in olive oil) do the job here perfectly, and if you are living dangerously you could have a little spoonful of mayonnaise (0% greek yoghurt suffices perfectly well!).  Some kind of salsa verde is also really good with this fish.

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