DIY Salad

Call me lazy, but there is something rather brilliant about not having to actually make a salad, but rather letting everyone make their own at the table. Clearly there is some washing and preparation of salad ingredients involved - but this kind of DIY approach means that everyone gets exactly the salad combination they prefer, and also that everyone's salad is dressed exactly as they like it... Serve your seasonal salad components with whatever range of dressings, oils or vinegars match your meal best.


  • Lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Runner Beans
  • Spring Onions

Wash the Lettuce – keep the leaves whole; dry them and stack them in a bowl or basket (or whatever suits)

Wash and top and tail the Radishes, so lose the leaves and root bit

Wash the Cherry Tomatoes

Wash and trim the Spring Onions

Wash the Runner Beans and trim them (I cut mine in half and served them in a glass)

Arrange your Salad ingredients on plates, bowls etc

Either serve some Olive Oil (or Rape Seed Oil) in a jug, with another of Vinegar (maybe Balsamic, or Red Wine Vinegar?!) OR serve a jug of pre-made dressing

This style of DIY Salad works really well with all sorts of seasonal ingredients – and is great served with BBQs, with Fritters, with Fish – or on the side with Pizza, Pasta or Paella…

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