Courgette & Broad Bean Pasta

This is a deliciously easy to make pasta sauce, which would be equally tasty combined with any kind of pasta (I used linguine). It is fresh and light - but also has a cosy warmth about it; exactly what you need from an Autumn supper dish.


  • Linguine (or any other Pasta)
  • Courgette
  • Broad Beans
  • 3 or 4 Garlic Cloves
  • Chilli (Fresh or Flakes)
  • Basil (or other fresh herbs)
  • Olive Oil
  • Splash of White Wine
  • Toasted Breadcrumbs (to serve)

Put a large pan of water on to boil, for the Pasta.  When boiling – add the Pasta with a very very large pinch of Salt

Meanwhile – finely slice a Courgette…

Blanch some Broad Beans in some boiling water for a few minutes; once they are tender, pod them ready to add to the Sauce… (you won’t need many veg for a Pasta Sauce, but use whatever you fancy!)

Also crush a few cloves of Garlic and chop a little fresh Chilli (or you can use dried Chilli Flakes)

Heat a pan – when hot, add a little Olive Oil and the sliced Courgettes.  Fry them for a few minutes over a hot heat, with a little bit of Salt… When they start to take on some colour, add the crushed Garlic and keep stirring

Add a big splash of White Wine to the pan and cook the alcohol off (so it stops smelling strongly of wine, and starts to mellow a bit)

Add the podded Broad Beans and turn off the heat

When the Pasta is cooked – drain it and reserve a large jug of the cooking water.  Put the Pasta back in its pan…

Add the Sauce to the Pasta over a low heat… Add a few ladles of the cooking water and a drizzle of Olive Oil (you’ll be surprised how much water the Pasta can take)

Taste – and season… You might want to add some more Salt and some Black Pepper.  You can also add more liquid if you want more ‘sauce’…

Serve with some chopped Herbs (I used Basil and Chives, but Dill or Chervil or Parsley would be good too) and some toasted Breadcrumbs

Enjoy with a Tomato Salad

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