Big Fat Greek Yoghurt

This stuff is really brilliant - is now constantly resident in the fridge. It is good to use where you might have used mayonnaise before the cholesterol reducing thing - and you can mix it with an endless variety of stuff that makes this yoghurt into lots and lots of different sauces, all of which taste great but are almost nauseatingly good for you.


  • Total 0% Greek Yoghurt
  • All sorts of things

The following are all great combinations, depending on what you’re cooking

Salt & Pepper on their own transform a small bowl of 0% Greek Yoghurt.  This with a Pilav would be very good

Adding Allspice to the above 0% Greek Yoghurt with salt and pepper would be great – just a pinch adds something if you are eating anything with Moroccan or Spanish flavours

Adding Garlic & Lemon Juice to both of the above would make them a bit tangier and hotter

Adding Chilli & Garlic would be good, both very finely chopped with some Lemon Juice

If you use a food processor to whizz up a Clove of Garlic, a bit of chopped Red Chilli, a bit of Red Pepper (half or some from a jar would be good too), some Lemon Juice, a pinch of smoked paprika, and some Salt & Pepper – and then you mix this with 0% Greek Yoghurt, you get a great Smokey Paprika Dip

To transform this into a more Ranch Style Dip, add some finely chopped Capers, Gherkins and Red Onion

To go with more Asian style dishes, you can very finely chop Mint, Dill, Garlic and then add to some 0% Greek Yoghurt with some Salt and Lime or Lemon Juice.  This makes a kind of Lime Yoghurt. I like coarsely chopped herbs in this but if you want a more lime coloured smooth sauce, whizz all this up in a blender – add Chilli to make it hotter

For an Italian Pesto-Style Yoghurt, chopped herbs including Basil and Rocket are good in 0% Greek Yoghurt, with Lemon Juice again

Then you can go really properly Greek and mix chopped Cucumber, Mint, Salt & Pepper and Lemon Juice together to get a Tzatziki dip that is delicious with both Asian and European dishes

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