Barbeque Rubs

Rubs are a great way forward for anyone who loves meat and loves BBQing, but who is also trying to lower their cholesterol or get healthy. They don't add any extra fat to the meat you marinate, but they do add tons of extra flavour, taste and spice. I have been talking about the Pitt Cue Rub recipe all summer, and I've loved it; but I also recommend other 'rub' ideas here, because there are lots of flavours you can experiment with once you get the notion...

BBQ or Grill Rubs

  • Pitt Cue
  • Chermoula
  • Baharat
  • Jerk
  • Tandoori
  • Curry

For most of these Rub ideas, I’d use a couple of teaspoons of Rub per serving of meat or vegetables….  Rub the powder in and leave for at least a couple of hours to maximise the flavours from marinating (overnight would be even better).  Don’t add any extra Oil for cooking (that’s precisely the beauty of cooking with Rubs!!).  Grilling or BBQing would be good here

Don’t forget to use the leanest, best quality meat possible – or you could use veg instead – they’ll be equally delicious

The Pitt Cue Rub is delicious… is great with Pork, but also Chicken and Mackerel.  I haven’t tried it with Lamb or Beef but I have no doubt these combinations would work; there are lots of ingredients in the rub powder, so different elements get picked out depending on what you marinate with it… On the vegetarian front, I have loved Mushrooms marinated in this delicious powder too

Chermoula is a good combination of spicy and tangy, with Spanish and Moroccan flavours; and is particularly good with Chicken and / or Red Peppers.  Rice goes well with this – or Flatbread and some 0% Greek Yoghurt

Jerk Chicken is a classic Caribbean combination; spicy, a little sour and sweet and basically super tasty; this easy recipe is fabulous served with Pilav and Lentils, or with some Corn on the Cob

Baharat spice is again a great rub for using with Chicken – this rub has some hint of curry about it, but is much sweeter and more subtle than all out using Garlic Salt and Curry Powder.  As well as chicken, this Baharat spice would be good with Lamb or with Vegetables, especially Squash and Sweet Potatoes

Tandoori is a combination of Indian spices that work particularly well with BBQs and Yoghurt.  I have to confess buying ready mixed Tandoori spice quite a lot (ie rather than making it myself at home…); it is spicy but has little heat and is as good mixed with other spices as it is on its own…. I like a little extra Chilli Powder, some extra Coriander Powder and a little extra Garlic Salt or Powder.  This kind of BBQ’d or grilled Chicken would be delicious served with some light salads of Cucumber, Tomato, Onion and Apple and some fresh Mint and Coriander

Curry is one of my favourite things; and not always the smart sort of Curry…  Curry Powder, mixed with a little extra Garlic Powder and some Cayenne Chilli Powder makes the best Curry-style rub ever…  Served with some healthy Fries or Chips and Currywurst Sauce, and you’ll literally be in BBQ heaven…


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