An Apple a Day…


  • Apples – 2 per day

My Dad read an article recently in which he learnt that two apples a day would lower your cholesterol within a matter of weeks.  He has a very, very low cholesterol count, but nevertheless has adopted a new regime of two apples daily on the basis that ‘his cholesterol should be in the minus numbers now’; and so my husband and I too have been duly trying to follow his example…

You have to be slightly committed to it at the beginning – because not all of us are natural fruit lovers; but ultimately once you get going, 2 apples most days seems pretty easy, and you can wrestle some of your weekly allowance into delicious apple sauces, roasted apples with potatoes and salads with lots of red onion and mustard dressing.


Roughly chop an Onion and 2 or 3 Apples.  Heat a little Olive Oil, and fry the chopped Onion for a few minutes with some Salt.  Add the Apple and stir as it starts to fry along with the onion

You could add some chopped fresh Chilli now, or a few cloves of Garlic chopped – but either way a dash of White Wine doesn’t go amiss, along with a dash of water… Turn the heat down, put a lid on a simmer for 5 – 10 minutes.  It can take longer but you’re after a squashy mix of sweet, chunky Apple Sauce with the flavour of Onions.

This is delicious with Pork, Ham or some Potato Latkes or Squash Fritters


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