Venison Potato Cakes

These 'cakes' are a lovely legacy of too much leftover venison stew, and are based on the Moro recipe for Lamb Cakes that have been so loved in our house. As you can see; I didn't manage to fit many leftovers inside the potato cakes themselves, which were delicious served on the side with another large spoonful of piping hot casserole. This is a real joy of a supper dish; great matched with some greens or a tomato and onion salad.


My new method of mashing Potatoes is to bake them first… in a very very hot oven (240˚c), pierced with a fork and wrapped in foil, for at least an hour… Let them cool down and then peel them

(This baking method is much easier than boiling, which means having to keep your eye on the pan lest the Potatoes go soggy while you’re not concentrating… This baking method works well for making Gnocchi too)

Mash the Potatoes in a large bowl, and add a crunch of Salt & Pepper

Divide the mashed Potatoes into 3 or 4 portions

With each portion, make a round pattie and put a spoonful of (cold) Venison Stew inside.  Seal up the Potato Cake, using Milk to seal any edges not sticking together

Gently dab the Potato Cakes in some Semolina (sprinkle it onto a plate) so there is a little bit of a crunchy edge to them.  Then lay them on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper

Leave the Potato Cakes in the fridge to firm up

To cook, heat the oven to 190˚c and cook for 20 – 30 minutes or until just going golden brown on the outside

Heat up the rest of the leftover stew and serve the Potato Cakes with a spoonful on the side…


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