Tricolore Roast Peppers

These are too easy to make, and surprise me every time by how delicious they are proportionately (if that makes sense?!). These peppers could be any colour, but in each case are healthy, nutritious and a brilliant accompaniment to pasta or pizza dishes, and also to go alongside fritters of many varieties...


  • Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow or Orange)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mini Peppers in Brine (or similar)
  • Chilli Peppers (from a jar)
  • Fresh Chilli (Red or Green)
  • Garlic
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wash and slice each Pepper in half

Remove all the seeds etc – and put each skin side down in a roasting dish (lining with greaseproof paper is hugely extravagant, but massively saves on washing up)

In each Pepper, place a couple of goodies… a clove or two of Garlic; a little fresh Chilli; a Chilli or mini-Pepper; a couple of halves of Cherry Tomato.  Don’t put too much in, but put enough in to be interesting…

Drizzle with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then a little Salt

Roast at 190˚c or so for around an hour, covered with foil.  After an hour, you might want to take the foil off for another 20 mins or so – but keep an eye on them

You’re after squashy Peppers that are sweet and delicious served with all sorts of things…

They are also very delicious cold the next day, chopped up and kind of served like a Salsa or Pepper Relish?!

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