Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe was a bit of a revelation for me; and a really good one at that. I never realised that essentially Sloppy Joe is chilli in a bun... And this chilli in a bun is especially good. The buns are half wholegrain and really healthy, and the (Wahaca style) chilli con carne is with beef brisket and borlotti beans, and is to die for. It might not be a typical East Coast recipe in the UK, but Sloppy Joes are quickly becoming a house favourite around here.


Re-heat your Chilli until it is really hot

Also slice your Burger Buns in half and give them 5 or 6 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 175˚c ish

Put the Burger Bun on a plate, with the ‘hinge’ still attached and the Bun open…

Spoon a really big dollop of Chilli on top of the Burger Bun

Serve with half a Tomato and some chopped fresh Herbs… Mint, Parsley or Coriander would work really well

A drizzle of Olive Oil on the Tomato, and you’re completely set for a truly delicious lunch or supper… and with good quality beef and homemade rolls this is surprisingly healthy too…

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