Seedy Salad

This cholesterol malarkey is tricky... Although my husband's cholesterol level has fallen overall - we are still trying to reduce his LDL level (bad cholesterol) and increase his HDL level (good cholesterol). Our mission to avoid his having to take statins has moved into Phase 2 now; having eradicated a lot of the bad cholesterol we ate in cheese, cream, bacon etc - we are now wholeheartedly embracing the whole whole food thing! Seeds and nuts are undoubtedly on this list - and his new found addiction to anything nutty or seedy seems to have cured the occasional urge for Walkers crisps - which is definitely no bad thing. Chucking seeds and nuts into salads and onto vegetables, toasted or as they are, is a great way of eating lots of the grainy little things without even noticing...


  • Lettuce
  • Red Onion
  • Cherry Tomatoes (optional)
  • Piquante Peppers
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds

Wash and dry the Lettuce and lay out on a plate

Cover with chopped Red Onion, Piquante Peppers, halved Cherry Tomatoes

Liberally throw Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds all over your salad, and enjoy with a mustardy dressing – or some Lemon Juice and Rape Seed Oil

[If you prefer, you can lightly fry your seeds in a dry pan until they start to colour - this gives them a more nutty flavour]

Works really well with some Roast Squash and Tahini Dressing

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