Rump Steak Burgers

We have an amazing butcher in the village where we live. When you buy meat from him, you always know it has been reared as locally as possible and is the best possible quality. We're lucky - but if you look around, good butchers are always just around the corner....


  • Rump Steak – as much as looks like a good burger amount and trimmed aggressively of any fat whatsoever

You need to trim your meat so there is no fat on it at all.  Since this whole ‘no-cholesterol’ thing, we have been annoyingly diligent about getting rid of a lot of fat on meat on the rare occasions we do eat it.

In this case it means really really good burgers that you can cook very rare and still have a great texture – no gristle, no fat, and just delicious lean beefburger!

Once trimmed – slightly whizz up your meat in a food processor thingy.  You want a bit of mince texture and a bit of small steak texture.

Mould your mince into patties; they won’t shrink if you use really good beef, so make them the size you want them to be.

Heat a pan with a little olive oil and cook the burgers for about 2 or 3 minutes each side – you decide how well done you want them.  We like them quite rare, but rested after cooking for 10 minutes so that the beef is rare and has a bit of bit still rather than being rare and oozy – which is never so good.

These are delicious with burger buns, homemade mayonnaise (controversial though it may be on this blog) and slices of tomato, onion and gherkin.  What a burger….

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