Roasted Tomatoes & Peppers

These chopped and roasted red peppers and tomatoes are the perfect side for all sorts of things... Mixed with some pasta, fresh herbs and olive oil they make a great sauce - and on top of salads they're delicious. They also work well for topping pizzas and adding to pilavs - and if you throw a couple of dashes of vinegar over them just before serving, they're like homemade Piquante peppers and tomatoes!


  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Red Peppers
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt


  • Lettuce
  • Red Onion
  • Roasted Almonds
  • Rape Seed Oil
  • Vinegar

Wash the Tomatoes and Peppers

Chop the Red Pepper into slices and halve the Cherry Tomatoes (or cut larger Tomatoes into more pieces!)

Lay the Peppers and Tomatoes out on a baking tray and brush them really lightly with some Olive Oil

Sprinkle with a little Salt and roast at 180˚c for 30 minutes or until starting to char slightly

Remove from the oven and cool

These Roasted Peppers and Tomatoes are a great addition or side to all sorts of dishes including pizza, pasta, salad, rice, risotto, pearl barley, bulgur wheat, couscous….

If you put them in a bowl and add a dash of Red Wine Vinegar, you get a slightly piquant taste, which goes brilliantly on salads, steamed green vegetables or as a salsa for grilled chicken or fish (Cider, White Wine, Balsamic, or Raspberry Vinegars would also work here!)

A good salad to go with the Roasted Red Pepper & Tomatoes would be Lettuce, Red Onion and crushed Almonds… With a grilled chicken breast this would make a very special salad (see smaller photo)

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