Quick & Healthy Salsa

This is good stuff - and super healthy too. This 'relish' kind of transforms falafel or bean fritters in flatbread, or BBQ'd kebabs, or chicken burgers, or pizza, or paella - in fact all sorts of things - in a brilliantly low cholesterol, low fat and healthy way... Where all other mayonnaise-ey or fatty dips or dressings might have been your friends of old; make this much healthier 'dressing' / 'salsa' your best buddy. It is spicy, sweet, piquante and very tasty all round. Did I mention healthy too?!


  • Half a Red Onion
  • Half a Red Pepper
  • 2 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

Very finely dice the Red Onion and Red Pepper

Put them into a small ish bowl

Add 2 tbsp of Red Wine Vinegar and leave for an hour or so (stirring every so often)

Serve with broad variety of dishes that might benefit from something with a bit of bite

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