Olive Oil, Oil and Oil

What kind of oil you are and are not allowed to eat as part of a low-cholesterol diet is a tricky (and quite boring) question. Having been unable to draw a conclusion as to whether stuff like vegetable or groundnut oil is good or bad for you - I have adopted a policy of only using good quality olive oil and rapeseed oil. They do contain saturated fat, but lots of olive oils state 'zero cholesterol' on their labels - and I figure that you need some fat in your diet so you don't disappear to nothing... Husband's cholesterol reduced radically and he lost a lot of weight whilst still eating plenty of roast potatoes and (technically) fried stuff; so it can't be all bad.

Southern Mediterranean diets consist of a lot of olive oil… They have lower rates of heart disease than we do in the UK


Only use oil that states ‘Zero Cholesterol’ on labels – the blended oil you can buy isn’t as good for you

Use Extra Virgin where possible – the better the quality of oil, the more anti-oxidants and good stuff you’re buying

Beware cheap Virgin Olive Oil – it is likely it isn’t what it says it is, which is why it is cheap… Better to buy good stuff and use less

Use liberally as a salad dressing and to dress vegetables (with lemon juice is simplest, and delicious)

Use Olive Oil instead of butter in recipes like risotto, pilav, fritter batter etc.

Drain things on kitchen paper after you shallow fry them although having looked at length online to find out about this, I don’t think that Olive Oil gets any worse for you if you cook with it (ie it should still be OK if you’re using good quality oil in the first place) – yippee

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