Long Grain Rice

I sometimes forget how delicious long grain rice is... Served simply with some chopped vegetables or salad and some grilled fish, plain boiled rice can take on a whole new meaning.


  • Long Grain Rice (Tilda?!)
  • Broad Bean Leaves (to serve)
  • Yellow Pepper (to serve)
  • Red Onion (to serve)
  • Fresh Herbs (to serve)

To cook the Rice, rinse it carefully in a sieve…

Boil a pan of water and simmer the rinsed Rice for 12 – 15 minutes

Drain carefully, and leave to stand for 5 minutes before serving (so it isn’t soggy at all)

Serve with some fresh Broad Bean leaves and some chopped Red Onion and Pepper on the side.  Chopped fresh Mint, Coriander, Dill or Parsley would be good too

This Rice would work really well with some grilled fish and a squirt of chilli sauce?!

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