Beef & Guinness Stew

This is the perfect slow beef for winter days; it is very low maintenance simmering on the hob for a few hours and as long as you buy lean beef, this stew is pretty good cholesterol wise too. Instead of Guinness, you could also use different kinds of ale or beer... Serve with some mustard mashed potato and steamed greens.


  • 150g Lean Beef
  • 3 Large ish Onions
  • 2 Large Carrots
  • 1 Can Guinness
  • Mustard
  • Stock Cube / Veg Bouillon

At the butchers, get your lean Beef (stewing) diced into large ish chunks… (Supermarkets sell it diced already, or you could buy leaner steak and chop it up at home)

Chop the Onions into large chunks and thickly slice the Carrots

Get a casserole pan hot on the job with a little Olive Oil, and gently fry the Onions and Carrots – sprinkle with a little Salt

When the veg are a little softer, and starting to colour a bit – take them out and put them on a plate (letting them go a bit brown here is no bad thing – you want some colour in your stew and this is a cook start!)

Put the pan back on the heat, add a little oil (only if necessary) and put the Beef in

Fry the Beef for a few minutes – don’t stir too much because again, you want some colour here

When all the Beef is nicely browned, put the Carrots and Onions back in – stirring constantly now

Season the stew with some Salt, Pepper and a tiny bit of Stock powder (or Vegetable Bouillon)

Add three or 4 good teaspoons of Mustard – a combination of English and Dijon is good

Add a tablespoon of Plain Flour and keep stirring really well

When the Flour has all absorbed, cook for a minute or so (still stirring) and then add the can of Guinness and a mug of water

Bring to the boil and then simmer, very gently on a very low heat for an hour an a half – or maybe two hours.  Stir every 10 minutes or so to avoid it catching on the pan – and add more water if you think it needs it

It doesn’t taste as good early on, but after an hour or so you can check the seasoning – it might want more Mustard, Pepper or Salt but should be starting to taste delicious!

When the stew is done, it will be possible to cut the meat with the side of a fork – it will just fall apart.  Still in pieces is good (you don’t want it to break up too much before serving)

Great with mashed or roasted potatoes – white and sweet varieties – and also with roasted swede which is delicious with stews.  Steamed greens are excellent too

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