BBQ or Grilled Mackerel

Delicious - easy to cook - and very low-cholesterol friendly.


  • Just Mackerel

Get your fishmonger to gut (and head if you prefer) your fish…

Preheat your BBQ or your grill (180˚c ish if you are using an oven)

Take the Mackerel out of the fridge a bit earlier than you want to cook it – so it isn’t too cold

Give them 10 mins or so on each side, under the grill or on the BBQ – or until the fish is starting to flake

(If you oven bake them – pop the fish on some greaseproof paper first – saves washing up)

I didn’t use any kind of marinade – just served them with Tahini Sauce, Pilav and some Nearly Pickled Beetroot leftover from the night before…

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