These Arancini are absolutely delicious... They are great comfort food; crispy on the outside... creamy, tasty and unctuous on the inside. Which is precisely why they are definitely not good for regular consumption if you are genuinely trying to lower your cholesterol; or get healthy and lose weight, come to think of it! If it is your Birthday, however, I'd thoroughly recommend this dish; it's a real treat.


  • Leftover (or cooled) Risotto Milanese
  • Free Range Egg
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Rape Seed Oil for frying

[Originating in Sicily hundreds and hundreds of years ago, Arancini are basically delicious balls of Risotto, coated in breadcrumbs and fried to give them a crunchy coating. They are traditionally made with a little mozzarella or ragu in the centre of the ball, and served with a large spoonful of Tomato Sauce]

To make these, you’ll need lots of leftovers from Risotto Milanese…

Get all your ingredients ready – cold Risotto, beaten Free Range Egg, Breadcrumbs (fine)

Make small balls with the Risotto rice (maybe 3 – 5 cm in diameter, depending on what you prefer)

Dip each ball into the beaten Egg and then coat carefully and evenly in the Breadcrumbs

Put on a plate and leave in the fridge for an hour (or longer) – take them out half an hour before you want to fry them

When you are ready to eat, heat some oil in a pan or a fryer (BE CAREFUL OF HOT OIL!!). I used Rape Seed Oil because I think it is better for you than Vegetable Oil (although clearly no deep fried food is that good for you…)

When a piece of bread sizzles and goes golden in the oil in about a minute – gently put your Arancini in and fry them for about 6 minutes – maybe a little less, maybe a little more. They should be golden and look thoroughly cooked

Drain on kitchen paper and serve immediately, hot, with some Tomato Sauce and a green salad maybe…

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